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24 September 2008 @ 11:30
and then a hero comes along  
So, I watched the first two episodes of Heroes. My review contains spoilers -follow the cut to read. :D

What can I say, other than the 4400 wibe I got back in the second season, continued, what with the injection of abilities = promicin. But the side effects were different, and I'm really interesting to see what happens next. Nice with another Veronica Mars cast member, and I'm really curious about Tracy Strauss and her connection to Nikki. Is she yet another of Nikki's split personalities, or is she truly a completely different person? So much lends credence to the first, but the fact her ability is completely different (ice - so cool!) speaks for the other. Then again, all Nikki's personalities might have different abilities - who knows?

The Nathan development was...interesting - bringing religion into the world of Heroes again reminds me of 4400, but in a completely different way. Linderman's appearance was also great, as was the death of Bob, present Peter's predicament, Matt's, and Mrs. Petrelli's. All needed to bring the plot forward. Kristen Bell was great as Elle, like usual (she's really becoming my current favourite character. I mean, there's so much to her - this child, trying to please her parent, stuck in an adults body, with awesome powers (I really like electricity - and the second episode showed how much it rocks ass), but yet she's so lost and lonely, and now when she's been kicked out (ouch, that nust have hurt like hell, btw, considering she's given her life to her father's cause) she doesn't have anywhere to go. I'm really curious to see what they do to her character, what side she'll take, if any. I could really see the hell hath no fury like a woman scorned in her case. If I were Angela, I'd watch out.

I liked Sylar's scenes as usual - having him take Claire's power gave Claire yet another issue to deal with, and making Sylar nearly unstoppable - once he escapes from lock-up, of course. (I swear, he spends more time locked up than free). Noa's escape - not completely unexpected, and I'm actually hoping he and Claire will join forces, so to speak, if only to give Claire's character a little more to do than constantly trying to off herself. Not to mention the chemistry between father/daughter would completely change if they have to work as a team, which means they can't always try and "save" each other. The mission comes first, right?

Hiro and Ando were also great, and I like the fact that there might be a rift appearing due to what Hiro saw in the future. (But Hiro really should keep in mind the fact that by pushing Ando away, he might be the reason Ando "changes sides." Self-fulfilling prophecy, anyone?) The Speeder - didn't really affect me at all; I didn't really get a feel for the character during the short time she was there, but I like that she can counter Hiro's powers. It was needed, I think.

Something that did annoy me was Mohinder and Maya. So predictable! And is it just me, or did the injection change Mohinder's personality some what? He was so...giddy. Understandable, in a way, but I prefer thoughtful Mohiner. The "improved" Mohinder just annoyed me, and Maya always has. All she can do is whine. If they want to keep her around as a main character, give her something to do other than being Mohinder's snuggle buddy and "woe is me" lines.

I mean, sure, she's pretty, but that's not really enough to make her interesting, even if her ability is cool, since she doesn't do anything with it. I could see her joining the bad guys (whoever they are - it's hard to tell at this moment), to give them one hell of an advantage. But if that's going to happen, she's got to let go of her morals and all that makes her personality (well, what little of it she has, anyway...) So I'd actually like it better if Sylar killed her and stole her powers - it would make for a great plot development, and get rid of one torn in my side. (Yes, I'm evil)

My grade: Episode 1 - 6,5/10, Episode 2 - 9/10.
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