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08 October 2008 @ 18:10
if you change your mind  
The fourth and fifth episode changed my opinion of True Blood. Also, the fourth episode of Heroes has me back to loving the show...thank Goodness, I was beginning to get worried. ;)

Okay, so I like True Blood now. A lot. The fourth episode made me begin to change my mind, and the fifth episode made that opinion stick. Still Cliffhangers, but less silly. Better humor, that I can appreciate and had me LOL more than once. Less sex...and at the same time, not, but now it's more of "funny" "sex", which weighs up the need to roll my eyes in previous eps. The characters are becoming more real to me now, and I'm becoming used to the accent as well. The plot is taking off, in some great twists (for those who haven't read the books, at least...I haven't, but I can never stay away from spoilers, no matter what kind, so I do have a humm of what might be going down...) and turns, espescially in character development, but also in the Sookie/Bill relationship.

Loved to see how Bill was turned, and that little piece of history surrounding his family...and of course, the appearance of Alexander Skarsgård. How can I not? (After all, I am a Swedish gal...and speaking of - loved that little piece of Swedish language thrown in, though the two extremely short words spoken by the girl... *winces* It sounded like she had her mouth stuffed with wool as she spoke. Pronounciation practice, anyone?) He looked super hot and did a great job - Hollywood life suits him better than Swedish film/television acting does, and his character Eric, has made it right to the top as my favourite character, sharing Bill's spot. So, shortly said, True Blood has made it into my "Must Watch" list for this Autumn, despite my earlier reservations.

Future Sylar had me LMAO - such a great twist, and great acting. Nice Sylar threw me for a loop, as did little Noah (obviously, some sort of tribute to older Noah (is he killed in the future?), so I suppose he and Sylar do end up getting pretty close, at least in that alternate future...but who is little Noah's mother?). As did the explosion - wow. Great effect, and again, great twist. That Daphne/the Speeder was Matt's future wife, I guessed the moment I saw the rock-paintings during his spirit walk, and I like her a bit better now, after seeing her future-self. More grounded, and not as annoying.

The only thing that put me off was present Peter's meeting with future Mohinder - black cloak and silly effects that are supposed to be...frightening? I don't know, but it was just silly. Other than that, I think I loved the entire episode; what we found out about Nikki and Tracey, future Nathan and present Peter facing it off, and Peter attacking his brother... (giving him Sylar's power was genius, and really has brought the show back on the right path - I can see so many possibilities with that!) Loved the cliffhanger, and the return of "Adam" - I love David Anders, truly.
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