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I have found a new obession - Merlin! The new show about the wizard and King (or rather, Prince, at the moment) Arthur, from BBC. And I am completely blown away. The acting is fab - though seeing Anthony Head in another role than Giles took awhile to get used to, the humor is to die for - it's been awhile since I've laughed this much due to a show. The slashy undertones has me squeeling ridiculously through each episode ("Faster, Arthur! *Moan*"), and the fact the show doesn't seem to hold much stock to the legend is great (okay, there are instances, but not many)! Modern, new, and with an unpredictability many shows lack today.

The main cast (Arthur, Merlin, Morgana, Gwen) cast is young, good-looking, and play their roles very well - the personalities of the characters are quite different from how we're used as seeing them - and not only because the show takes place before the characters become the "legends" we're used to, when they're still young, still innocent, and with a lot left to learn -  which is a welcome breath of fresh air. I am a particular fan of Arthur and Merlin - preferably as Arthur/Merlin, I have to admit, and Morgana is just gorgeous.

I'm already looking forward to the next season - I've watched about half of the show so far, and I haven't been left dissappointed once - just as much as I'm looking forward to Dollhouse, actually! And, in honour of this, my new obession, I've changed the icons in my journal (will put them up on visionary art during my next update), and changed the layout (thanks, milou_veronica) and the moodtheme (thanks, disillusion_ave)  - though the header is not "Merlin", but Natalie Dormer instead. Looking good, right? - along with a Merlin & Arthur Header, made by yours truly.

Grade: 9/10 (Why not a ten? The animation of the "mythical creatures" could be better - but I blame that on the budget, and slowmotion action is quite overused. I'll give it a ten though, as soon as Arthur and Merlin get naked (or at least more naked than dressed) on screen. Preferably together. And when they stop having Arthur in chainmail so often (why cover up the salty goodness?!)...just in chains though - now that's a thought... *drool*
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