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01 January 2009 @ 17:55
the world is in our hands  

Happy New Year!

Visionary Art has a new layout, Visionary Fanfiction has been launched, and the first part of Roads Travelled (the OOTB rewrite who is more of a stand-alone, really) - Road of Innocence, has been posted. To celebrate that, the Roads Travelled website has been updated, cleaned up, and has a new layout.

Please, read and review: The first chapter can be found both at Fanfiction.Net, at Twisting the Hellmouth, and at the website as a .PDF document.

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Kathy :D: [lost] - jack_almostparadise on 8th March 2009 06:15 (UTC)
Hey Ida! It's Kathy from Silver Glass. Want to be lj friends, too? =D
I promise I update my lj more than my portfolio, haha.
ladyvisionary: Arthur & Merlin4ladyvisionary on 8th March 2009 11:22 (UTC)
Sure! I'd love to! :D Have added you to my friends list. Unfortunately, I'm not present at LiveJournal as often as my website, but I try my best. *wink*
Kathy :D: [vm] - veronica_almostparadise on 8th March 2009 18:37 (UTC)
I guess we're opposites in terms of updating hehehe. It's fine! :D

I added you back!
ladyvisionaryladyvisionary on 30th March 2009 11:15 (UTC)
Well, they do say opposites attract! lol. ;)