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15 July 2010 @ 20:07
night has fallen amongst the living and the dying  
It's been over a year since I last posted anything on this journal, and for that I apologize. In an attempt to actually make this journal something with substance, rather than just rants and mentions of my updates, I've decided to put focus on my fanfiction crossover series, Roads Travelled. 

Currently, I am posting part two, called Road of Carnage - the Header, which is based on a wallpaper/manipulation (can be found at my Roads Travelled site) - reflects that. It is all about life after Hogwarts for Buffy and the marauders, during the first war. But, since I have all the chapters prewritten, that doesn't give my readers much of an input of what's going to happen. Since I am also trying to avoid long Author's Notes, that also means not much of my thoughts behind the chapters reach them.

This is where this journal will come in: I will be posting my thoughts on Roads Travelled, more specifically, on Road of Carnage and Road of Sacrifice - the third part of the series, since I'm writing ahead. These thoughts may all contain spoilers, so read at your own risk. But I hope this will bring some more depth to the chapters, and tease about what's ahead. Most of all, I hope I can actually manage to post what I've just promised here this time, and that you will all enjoy it.
(Anonymous) on 19th March 2011 22:21 (UTC)
Need to keep testing my blog. Not working as I want it to yet. Thx for the theme. Maybe this will get mine to look better.