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15 October 2010 @ 09:42
this is where the world drops off  
 Hi everyone! 

This entry is to do with Road of Sacrifice (3rd part of RT) and the rest of Roads Travelled, but no spoilers!

I would like suggestions for things you would like to see happen in the future, mainly during the second war: I already have all of Road of Sacrifice planned out. It doesn't have to be anything really thought out: loose thoughts, wishes or ideas are more than enough. Feel free to suggest anything: from plot to characters. Questions are also welcome, though I may not answer if I feel it would give too much away!
(Anonymous) on 16th January 2011 22:09 (UTC)
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Nice one, might come in handy in the near future
(Anonymous) on 24th January 2011 07:05 (UTC)
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