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30 January 2011 @ 01:03
i dream that you are here with me  

Here comes more spoilers, this time for the next chapter of Road of Carnage (chapter 25), in the form of three teasers taken out of context... obviously, don't read if you want to be totally surprised. Or have trouble with handling suspense. The first teaser is quite mild, but the last two, albeit short...well, I won't say anything more. Also, for those interested, several new still frames for Death Eaters and some Order members can now be found on the Roads Travelled website.

Excerpts from Road of Carnage chapter 25


As teaser no. 1, in its entirety, here comes the Sorting Hat's song!

“No, your eyes do not deceive you;
A talking hat you see,
And let me tell you right away,
There’s no one else like me!

I can read your heart and soul,
And penetrate your mind,
And by knowing your desires,
A place for you I’ll find.

If you value your intellect,
And are wise and witty too,
I believe that Ravenclaw,
Is the place for you.

Perhaps you are a daring sort,
Both brave and bold indeed,
Then you’ll find that Gryffindor,
Shall suit your every need.

Or maybe you're a loyal one,
Steady, just and true,
Then I think that you will find,
that Hufflepuff will do.

If ambition is your prerogative,
A Slytherin you’ll be,
Cunning, sly and clever,
But not cleverer than me!

So put me on and I shall say,
The house where you belong,
So hurry up, get ready all,
For now I end my song.”

Teaser 2.

Buffy’s eyes narrowed as she took in the sight.

“Vampires,” she whispered, and couldn’t help but feel some elation at the sheer number of them. Finally, a physical challenge! She could have done without the twenty Death Eaters, not to mention Voldemort, entering behind them, though. “Crap.”

Teaser 3.

“Buffy Summers...” Thin, bloodless lips smiled in the dark.


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