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07 June 2011 @ 19:37
put back the life in my eyes  

With less than a month to go before Road of Sacrifice - the third part in the Roads Travelled series featuring the second part of the first war - is published for its first chapter, I decided it was time to give you all a little treat! Other than a new LJ Header for Road of Sacrifice and a new blurb/theme-song,  here are some spoilers...

Remember that little teaser list of things to come in Road of Sacrifice that I posted back in January? I've decided to expand on a little details: New life >> New Hope = Harry. (That was the easiest guess...) There will be a prophecy: Is it the prophecy from HP canon or a new one, you ask? Keep asking. lol. A glimpse into Sunnydale life: some Sunnydale characters will make an appearance. Whether they will appear as dreams, flashbacks, in the Sunnydale-verse, or HP-verse, I won't say, however. Their appearance will make Buffy wonder about some things, though. What things? That would telling!

As a final teaser to tide you over the rest of June, below is the intro-text to the first chapter, from Lily's POV, along with part of scene between Voldemort, Bellatrix and Mandy during her captivity...




We have all lost something in this war. Someone. So many sacrifices have been made, and I wonder, how many more awaits us? Everyone has changed, and sometimes, I don't even recognise myself. This war is making us lose pieces of ourselves and while I still have hope for tomorrow, it's being diminished by all the death and despair. I wish for peace. I wish our child will never know war, that he will never have to sacrifice what we have sacrificed, or see what we have seen. But for the moment, my wishes will continue to remain what they have been for a long while now – dreams.


- Lily Potter.


Excerpt ROS: scene 2, chapter 1.

Bellatrix cackled, raising her wand again and Mandy tensed, preparing herself for another onslaught. “CRUCIO!”


Several seconds went by – for Mandy, they felt like an eternity as incapacitating pain travelled up her nerves, forcing more screams up her throat – until Voldemort held up a hand. “Enough.”


Bellatrix lowered her wand.


“Have you changed your mind?” The Dark Lord asked mildly. “Like I said...agree to my terms and this – the pain – will be over. If you don't...well, I'm afraid things don't look too bright for you in that case. And as for Sirius Black...he will join me, one way or another, with or without your cooperation, of that I am certain.”


“You're insane if you think that,” Mandy choked out.


“Am I?” Voldemort raised an eyebrow in disbelief. “Tell me, girl, how much is your life worth to him? Quite a lot, from what I've heard. With you in our grasp, we can make him do anything. I am certain he will soon try to make some sort of deal for your release. It’s simple really. He joins us, and you go free.”


“He would never do that,” Mandy spat out. “Firstly, Sirius is not stupid enough to believe you'd actually leave me unharmed if he joins you. Secondly, he would never turn his back on the light – not even to save me.”


The cell door suddenly opened and a Death Eater – Snape – stepped inside, holding a note, which he handed to Voldedimort. “This just arrived, my Lord.”


“Hmm...that didn’t take long. And we didn’t even have to send any incentive. He must be really desperate to get you back.” He looked down at Mandy, a wicked smile on his face. “You should feel honoured that he cares so much.” The Dark Lord unfolded the note, his smirk widening as he read. “I believe you would benefit from reading this,” he told Mandy, holding out the note in front of Mandy, who froze.


That handwriting...she could recognize that anywhere. Sirius.




“It seems you were wrong about him,” Voldemort told Mandy smugly, even as the former Ravenclaw shook her head in denial. “Apparently, he is that stupid - stupid, and in love. A dangerous combination.” His red eyes darkened. “I no longer have any need for your cooperation. Bella, feel free to continue your...little exercise. Just don't kill her. Yet.”


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luna_del_cielo: frowney face=casluna_del_cielo on 21st June 2011 05:16 (UTC)
*pets pretty spoliers*

Yay! Although, Ah!!! Sirius! Mandy! Damn you Bella!

Ooodles of badness!

Also, me have a question. How is it you can get your journal entries to go to this separate white page away from your normal journal design? I want to figure this out so people can read my stories easier without me having to give up a cute design (which I already did but I wants it back if I can). Thanks dude!

And I can't wait for you to begin posting!
ladyvisionaryladyvisionary on 28th June 2011 11:24 (UTC)
Haha, I like hinting aty ooodles of badness (btw - ooodles - awesome word: I've got to keep using it).

As for your question - I'm not quite sure how I got it to work, but I've googled it and got this answer: go to home > profile > settings > display and make sure the boxes 'view all journals and communities in my own style' and 'view comment pages from my friends in my own astyle' are NOT ticked on. And I also found that it should go to the white page if you go the journal > journal style > customize theme and make sure the box for 'Disable customized comment pages for your journal' is set to 'Yes' (of course, mine is set to no, so I'm doubtful it makes any difference, so try the profile settings first)

Thanks for commenting - and I can't wait to begin to post! ;)