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28 May 2012 @ 23:23
on my way  
Hi everybody who are patiently waiting for the next chapter of Way of the Warriors! As you probably know, it is part 5 of Out of the Blue, and it is supposed to be followed by one final part 6, before the series is done. However, for various reasons, I've decided not to do another story and instead combine Way of the Warriors with my plans and timeline for part 6 (five parts sound like a more even number for a series than six anyway...). Mostly, this is because of how slow my updates are lately: I have a feeling I'm losing both reviewers and readers, and because of the long wait, doing yet another story in the series after the slowpoke WotW has turned out to be doesn't seem feasible. :D Obiously, this also means the story will be longer: right now, I'm thinking maybe forty or forty-five chapters in total (which also means the story is more than halfway done!)

So Way of the Warriors will be the final part of the series, and it will also be renamed to "Into the Blue" which is the title I planned to name part 6. "Way of the Warriors" will instead be the undertitle to all the chapters posted thus far, as well as a couple of chapters after that. In essence, you could call that 'book 1'. 'Book 2,' which will be the second half of "Into the Blue", will then have another undertitle, called 'Lightning Follows Thunder.' (And yes, I know that in reality, thunder follows lightning, when it comes to what the human eye/ear percieves: in reality, both occur at the same time - the title is meant to be ironic as well as symbolic).

I hope you have patience with me as I move onto the final stretch of this incredibly long series. It's been with me almost since I first started writing fanfiction...and I'm pretty sure I'm just as eager to get it done as you are! Of course, that doesn't mean I won't put in an effort into my writing - I'm really excited for what will now be 'book 2' of the final part of Out of the Blue!
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