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03 July 2012 @ 01:20
keep on walking  

Hi everyone! My Roads Travelled site went through a giant update when it came to art a few days ago because I have been forced to re-imagine the cast for the first war due to age-issues. Isla Fisher does not look to be in her early twenties, and neither does Sam Troughton or Johnny Depp. All my other actors, minus Sarah Michelle Gellar, were born during the same decade, and therefore looks to be around the same age: Isla, Sam and Johnny don't, unfortunately.

This means a lot of the art has been remade to fit the new actors: Karen Gillan, Iwan Rheon and Ben Barnes. BUT Sam Troughton and Johnny Depp will still portray Peter and Sirius, but AFTER the first war - that is, from the AU versions of book 1-7, during the second war, when they're supposed to be in their thirties. I could never let go of my vision of Johnny as Sirius entirely and as for keeping Sam - well, I never thought Timothy Spall was right, considering after he's lived as a rat for twelve years, Peter was supposed to be thin...

Anyway, I hope you enjoy the new art and hope you don't mind this major change/update. For me, it means I have to start from scratch with my videos (and I was almost done!), but I think it will be worth it in the long run, considering Roads Travelled probably won't be done for years yet!

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