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06 September 2008 @ 15:17
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Umm...hi, everyone!

I can't believe I've pretty much abandoned LiveJournal. I feel awfully guilty. So it's been several months (to be exact, seven months, twenty-two days, I think) since my last post, and a lot have happened during that time: I've discovered the beauty of litterature vampires (Twilight), I've moved into my first apartment, miles away from home, I've started University, I have a facebook, and yet another new niece.

Anyway, my point is, I'm going to start posting here again, mostly things regarding my life and Roads Travelled, but also a bit about my other WIP's that both are and haven't been published yet.

To celebrate this "new start" I have erased several entries, and I have a new layout - less "personal" but cleaner and simpler. For those of you who miss my personalised/more graphic direction, that's what Visionary Web is for! :D

At the request from a reviewer over at Fanfiction.net, I'm going to slowly begin posting teaser parts (no whole chapters, other than the prologue - I don't want to spoil it all) from Road of Innocence here, so you all can get a feel of the difference between it, and Out of the Blue. Letting me know what you think is extremely important - in a way, you'll be my "beta-readers" (before my actual beta), and the rest of the series' development will depend a lot on your opinions: Essentially, you'll help me shape the road the characters/plot travel on. :D 

Everyone, throw ideas for Roads Travelled at me, whatever you can think of, no matter how crazy, silly, big or small. I may or may not use them, either way, they should get my muse flowing. Espescially appreciated are situations post the first war (the years between Oct 31, 1981 and Prisoner of Azkaban, happenings during the year of Goblet of Fire outside of Hogwarts, and tips about what the Order and Voldemort can be up to during the second war/Order if the Phoenix/Half-Blood Prince. ), pre Deadly Hallows. Other suggestions of value are any conversations/siuations between the main characters, whether it be romance, humour, angst, friendship or anger/quarrels during whenever.

For all OOTB readers, a lot might, and probably will feel alike, espescially the first few chapters, but the changes get more and more obvious the further we get from the beginning. Also, I'll be deleting the original series (besides Way of the Warriors, since it's still In Progress) from FF.net once I start actual posting, due to the site's policy that says an author isn't allowed two stories with similiar plots etc. The original series will be available as .PDF documents though, so you can download and read it, still - nothing will be gone forevever. These documents will be found at the Roads Travelled Website (see my links), and my FF.net profile, possibly from here as well.

Actual publishing of Road of Innocence will begin in January next year, and I've also decided to not have the equivalent of Never the Same play out in Sunnydale (this means Roads Travelled will have no focus on the Sunnydale characters, other than Buffy, and in her thoughts/dreams, etc.) - it just didn't work if I wanted to keep the storyflow going in a balanced way. So sorry, all pro NTS voters. This, of course, means the Sunnydale flashes we got in OOTB will be useless, and therefore, erased from ROI, so no sidestory of those either. I might publish them as a BTVS AU though (if I feel like it, and manage to improve the quality of the current mess those scenes are).

For those of you who are waiting for Way of the Warrior chapters, start bugging my beta to finish sorting out my hopeless so-called "outlines." (I don't blame you for taking your time, Joahn. You deserve an award for the crap job you've been handed. lol.) Please, be patient!

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