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19 September 2008 @ 17:13
some reason to be missed  
After watching the second episode of True Blood, I can't say I've come to any better conclusion than the first. Parts are good, others are bad - it's like 50 % of the episode are yawn-worthy, 30 % surrounding some sex-act/erotica that leaves you embarrased because it's so bad and you can't help but roll your eyes a whole lot. The show really put a capital H to Horny. The remaining 20 % are pretty good. The acting is still average - some are better than others. And it does really embrace the chlichés, doesn't it? And the Southern accents, some good, some bad, does take some getting used to...

I can't really relate to any of the characters yet - none of them really strike a chord, other than Bill (and I'm not sure how much of that is just me having a soft spot for pale vamps with sex-appeal), and as for my opinion the show in general...it's a roller-coaster, baby. I think you shouldn't take it too seriously, but I like taking my shows seriously, unless it's clear it's a humor show - this is something in between. It mocks itself somewhat, and at the same time, there's that seriousness in the background that makes it difficult to label.

And what's with the bad Cliffhangers? Cliffhanger 1, okay. Cliffhanger 2, not so much, because it's more or less cliffhanger 1 in reprise. Plus for great Opening Credits though, but that's not enough to lift the whole series. Am I being a bit negative? I still don't feel the show is a "must-watch" espescially considering all the other shows I plan to/have begun to watch this autumn... One more try, and then we'll see.


House M.D - The Seasons premiere was...above average. Though it was nice to get some more insight into Thirteen (much needed, since I seriously lack any sort of connection to the new fellows), it still felt a little much - I think she was in the episode more than House. And the chemistry between him and Wilson felt a little off - Leonard's acting a little stiffer than usual, but that might have been on purpose. And the final scene made up for any reservations I gained: I was teary-eyed. As in actual tears. :D Cuddy on the other hand...not her usual self either, she was a little bit too "cold" somehow? Not enough to bother me overly much, though.

Thumbs up for Chase and Cameron scenes. The heart to heart Cam had with Wilson made me like her character more, and Chase's scenes were needed, not only to make me feel he's still a character in the show, but also because it made me smile. He really is his own person now, isn't he? And the sarcasm - yay! (MiniHouse!) As for the Opening Sequence...*sigh* Four years, and no change. Nice, in a way, that they keep it constant, but they could at least add the new fellow's actors' names, if they're serious about putting them in the series as main characters, instead as giving them a tiny "also starring" afterwards. Lame. Laziness, or economical reasons? Anyway, I am looking forward to episode 5.2!

Gossip Girl - The first two episodes were great, I liked them a lot, I liked the new "plot elements," the intriuges, the snappy combacks... Still, something's a little bit different. Maybe the script, the lines - they don't give me the same 'vibe' as they did in the first seasons. It's not that the acting is off, or the chemistry. It's just...different. The second episode espescially gave me an amost "nostalgia" feeling. Is the change permanent? Can't tell. Is it bad? ...Not necessarily. We'll see.

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