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04 August 2010 @ 14:24
i know the battles of chasing the shadows  

First of all, let me wish you all a happy summer and hope you're not ill like I am. Second of all, let me thank the one/those who nominated Road of Innocence for all those categories for Twisting the Hellmouths 2010 Crossing Over Awards! I'm really honoured you find my story good enough to compete! Thirdly, if you haven't voted in my poll for Road of Sacrifice, please go ahead and do so! Right now, the results are very close together, so if you want to be sure things will work out the way you want them to, make your opinion known!

Now, I am sure there are quite a lot of my Out of the Blue readers who wonder what has happened to Way of the Warriors. Well, as I'm sure you can guess, I have one hell of a writer's block on that one. However, I did promise I would never abandon my stories, and I don't plan to, espescially not that one: I've put way too much time and energy into it to do that! The problem has been I haven't been able to find an ending/plot development that satisfies me and isn't boring for you to read because of closeness to the books. I think I am past that problem now - I've been going over my outlines for the rest of the story and its sequel/the series final part, and I've done a lot of changes and additions that I hope will satisfy you.

I know where to take the series now, and I hope that will make it easier to write. I wrote another chapter of Way of the Warriors last night and sent it off to my beta, so hopefully, you should have it soon. I also hope I will be able to find the inspiration to write the chapters following that one as quickly as possible, so I can move ahead to the final story in the series, which will be between 15-20 chapters and called Into the Blue (at first I planned to call it Darkening Sky, but I changed it because I think it ties things together a lot more neatly, considering the first story was called Out of the Blue - and the title is less depressing)

PS. I hope you like the new icons/user pictures, which feature characters from Roads Travelled (to match the Header, of course): Buffy, Remus, Lily, Mandy and Samantha x2.

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